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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  August 19, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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still suspects have been arrested, a 28, cited san jose. >>marty: to manage it and said francisco suspected of chasing down and shooting a teenager in broad daylight. that terrified passengers on the muni bus watched to gunman chased down and shoot a teenager on a busy street. >> we heard a popping. >> the shooting happened in front of this fuss and a half doesn't mean the passengers near third street saturday afternoons. police say an 18 year-old man was shot twice.
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is in stable condition but the shooting scared a lot of people in this neighborhood. stray bullets struck a car and pierced a window where a 90 year-old woman lives. detectives arrested two young man about 1 mi. away from the crime scene. they say they found the gun is used in the shooting. san francisco police say they are now looking for any additional suspects. they do believe the shooting is gang-related. >> a rescue drama unfolding near candlestick park yesterday afternoon. it started with to solve year-old whose boat started testing.
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>>ysabel: new video out of london of the founder of the wikileaks, his first public appearance in two months. he called on the west and what he was calling a witch hunt in called for the release of bradley manning, an american soldier accused of passing government documents to wikileaks. he spoke from a balcony of the ecuador embassy in london where he has taken refuge. thoughtful in
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>> he is trying to avoid extradition to sweden to face sex crime allegations there. ecuador granted him asylum at his embassy in london. he has published documents that have embarrassed in number of countries. >> mitt romney and barack obama are trading charges on claims that the other would threaten medicare for seniors. made told supporters that a u.s. debt poses a threat to senior benefits harry also accused the president of using funds from medicare to fund his health care reform law. the president charged that romney would tear medicare apart, the president also stressed that since he has
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been in office he has made it a duty to strengthen the program. >> i have made reforms that have extended the life of a program that has saved millions of seniors with hundreds of dollars on a course correction drugs. >> medicare should not be used as a piggy bank for obama care. medicare should be the promise that is made to current seniors. >> the president continued campaigning in new hampshire. mitt romney his fund raising in massachusetts. >>ysabel: a. no. they all little league team is taking the field and the world series and pennsylvania. south x if this is a very loud and have be seen from the boulevard theater.
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>> still ahead, the battle of the tech giant continues. >> here is another live look outside. a lot of fog on the bay bridge. that is causing pain and sat sfo. if you are planning on a trip you may want to check with the airline. we will be right back.
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a lot of all san clock
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>> a jury deliberations are about to begin in a draw between samsung and apple. corinne are ordering apple to take up to millions in damages.
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apple is asking for oversee billion in damages claim says samsung copied the design of the iphone and the the ipad. >> apple is is this a legal battle with google. >> motorola wants to stop importing products that are made overseas. motorola was acquired by gore and has a patent of -- a history of having litigation's with apple. >> officials say the area is dominated by forces that often target u.s. troops.
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>> still to come, criticism from a fire experts. >> here is a live look outside, this time around in san francisco. overcast skies and the forecast straight ahead. this is the plan for back to school. introducing share everything, only from verizon. a shareable pool of data to power up to 10 different devices. add multiple smartphones to your plan, so everyone in your family can enjoy unlimited talk and text. the first plan of its kind. share everything.
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>> we are not seeing clearing over the bay bridge but we are expecting a gorgeous day, another sunny day. it will be briefly into the afternoon. as for tomorrow we will start off with a dense fog and drizzle. for the rest of the week
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edie's inland in the '70s bay side. we do have a bit of a cooling trend fenian. the system that brought us out of showers estes pushing north and east of we are getting the tail end of cloud cover in the southeastern parts of the bay area. once that clears we're expecting a gorgeous fabius these at the coast some 70's at the bay and '80s inland. lucas squeeze out of '90s as the warmer spots the for the pulsar's '60s, '70s and '80s but temperatures will increase the glee dropping into the fifties it '60s. her first 60 expected for alameda and 67 for selling meter.
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the 7 day around the bay is showing temperatures gradually cooling. and >>ysabel: of people on lake michigan may get another chance to see a force of nature as his this is a waterspout. it has the same characteristics as a tornado on land area can be just as dangerous, nine of them formed of a lake and conditions could trigger more today. what is service says of the voters should particularly be on the alert. the winds to the justice 60 mi. an hour. >> and rebuilt police are continuing their search for a 15 year-old boy who went missing within two weeks ago. he was walking from his house in oakland to a movie theater in emeryville on august 3rd. his family is not sure that
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he ever made it there. he is an honor roll student who has ever been al lead by himself. he was last seen wearing a blue jacket and black jeans. >> funeral services were held saturday for a teenage mom who was gunned down earlier this of the friends is as little as recession through oakland in remembrance of the 16 year- old. mourners paid their final respects and laid her to rest. us sits south tsk >> a fan shot in arizona was expected to be ok. with this is the two men got into an argument friday in the parking lot at the university of phoenix stadium in the that is when the shooting happened. the suspect was one of those who called authorities.
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>> serta george of the emory university admitted to falsifying student data did rough at rank colleges. ... pop >> and gillette is taking a pay cut to prevent layoffs.
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in the show's budget increased one and moved to prime time. a passenger jet had to return to newark majors yesterday evening after witnesses say they saw flames coming from one of the plane's engines. the flight carrying 173 passengers and crew members was headed to germany. an fbi spokeswoman says one of the plane's tires blew during takeoffs and flew into the engine. the plane circled the airport burning of fuel before landing safely.
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>> here is a live look outside in san francisco. very overcast.
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>> into the evening we will see the fog machine that can come it will be cool in greasy. when just getting up to 60 mi. per hour. upper 50s to napa, low 60s in sunnyvale. for all the >>ysabel: of watsonville, a 20 year-old man had life- threatening injuries after being stabbed in what appears to be a gang-related attack.
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the vessel was often on california street just before 9:00. a group of five men drove up behind him in a black car. the man stabbed the victim several times before fleeing the scene. >> two-man are recovering after supper shootings in oakland. the first shooting took place around 9:30 p.m., police say the victim drove himself to a local hospital. the second shooting happened about 4:45 a.m.. ifs so far no information on the suspect's and neither caseous >> a violent sexual offenders back behind bars. he was spotted panhandling off cleared pier 39. he broke of mental health center on friday. he escaped to an elevator shaft. his history includes weapons charges and sex offenses.
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offs tiff he has a history of violence, weapons and a sex offenses. he is currently facing a misdemeanor charge for child molestation. investigators did not know how he escaped from the facility. for us tough if
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>> moments later in employee her police sirens and saw police cars driving by. he was arrested and booked into santa is as good county gop if his lough her this
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>> more than three dozen education of seven cousins to the other nine were a few court released by the white house. budget cuts have forced diffuse feel that resulted in a larger class sizes in fewer school days. in his weekly address the president spoke about the potential consequences of such cuts. >> these cuts force our kids into clouded civil-crowded classrooms and cancelled programs for preschoolers as kindergarteners. that is the opposite of what we should be doing as a country. states should be making education a priority in their budgets. >> the white house accord also is less investing in education.
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costs for >> a third aerial spraying to combat the was not a virus in dallas is on hold because of thunderstorms. they said to live them spring with the eighth period's officials say will be a record year for the was no violence. one person has died. tough
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>> still ahead, more auto recall to tell you about. a man trapped in a southern california well, we will have that story coming up. >> here is a live look a outside in san jose. overcast conditions and it will be followed today. more coming a furious for herself soft ahead often
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pinpoint the fifth fifth
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thing behalf wallet 1/2 >> and governor brown is asking for contributions. >> in joining us is the state assembly assistant leader. he is looking to strike a compromise on the issue.
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>> the governor proposed a 12. blueprint. >> the problem we're facing we do not fix it, we will
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not have the money we need for education.
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ha ha health-care coppola had a hint that how realistic the evening did is one all said and done that this will have a major task from listening to the burden for on the cities and counties. for sphere sphere
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>> there is a big correlation between how he what we do and pensions and our improvements in infrastructure is supporting education going for a vfw far and are
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>> by noon we will see a mix of '60s, '70s and '80s. as for the afternoon we could squeeze out some low 90s. for the most part '60s, '70s and '80s. temperatures local pretty quickly down to the '50s and '60s. if afternoon highs getting to the mid '80s for los gatos.
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thoughtful when >> out what the forecasters say this year's drought may be leveling off.
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fast half man and call off
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in-house above half if hot
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>> welcome back to our second line of our, apple is under the gun handed battling it out with a couple of tech giants over patent infringement. if >> and escaped sex offender from san the tail is back in jail this mornings. >> the golden gate is pretty socked in.
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62 degrees in half moon bay. in north bay, lotus mid-80s. i thought will want it fifth
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perfect opponent faugh dot
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the sauce fox if if but a
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bit of our role will with the advent of the theater will shows a live broadcast with the proceeds, let's hope they bring home a trophy. >> if friday is any indication, people better get to the theater early. it will sell out
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>> and jury deliberations are set to begin in the truck between apple and a samsung. apple is suing samsung for patent infringement and it wants to billion dollars. samsung is countersuing. phi pham >> apple is embroiled in another patent battle with google.
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>> firefighters are making progress on nearly one dozen wild fires burning across the state. zukofsky
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>>kate: of the plane crashed because of harsh weather conditions.
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eat cover perhaps how she
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affect defense off the of less minetta >>kate: we are one defeat fog clinging to the
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coastline. this is the view from a walnut creek camera. hoss sphere phone 46 forceful cases
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>> tim mann are recovering after several shootings in oakland.
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thank faugh he behalf kraft
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far far for fun to sit where half dot dot was f. f. west
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how often , if it happened
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near little rock of but above their lows, the men dropped from the inside of the well and fell inside trying to get back. some horseback riders for his cries. he was wedged in this tightly.
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>> officials say will be a record year for was now virus. >> overseas this morning in datasets three international service members have been killed. fan eight off here kahan
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boom of
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>>janu: sunshine into the afternoon and body along the coast. how >> and taking a look at part of the stand right now, the fruitvale hello sheikh's defense in napa, congress and the livermore valley serious for
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>> these musicians are based on of oakland. pun hushed in >> where did you get the name?
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>> we have been performing together for about two years. first it was me and my brothers and then we decided to take things more seriously. half current
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>> you just performed in southern california? >> yes. it was a great trip. >> it was our first time flying in from a live audience. since high this house career
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glad how >> mean they run and hide if winetka hath had hundreds of
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>> of the best of the mum when he and his buddies have muscled their way to the top and the cost of this. the expendable debuted at number one earning one and 28 million bumping the born legacy to no. 2 in its second week. perrin norman earned 14 billion and sparkle featuring whitney houston rounded out the top five. that was her last performance before dying.
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>> muslims are celebrating the feast that marks the end of the house ramadan. it begins on saturday in usually lasts for three days. most fast from sunrise to sunset. >> today, a 63 year-old is attempting to swim between cuba and the florida keys. her first attempt was in 1978 and tried it last year but was stopped by multiple jellyfish stings after 41 hours. if if she succeeds she will be the first person ever to do it without a shark cage. >> we are expecting things
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to cool down as we move through the week. highs will range from the mid '80s all the way down to the low 60s and upper 50s by the coast. a definite change compared hoss with her and that we will wrap
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